Name:   mohammad
Family:   allahbakhsh
Rank:   Associate Professor
Education:   PhD.
Tel:   054-31232045
Fax:   054-31232046
Email:    ---
General Duties
  • Convey all legislation, rules and notified regulations by Head of University to relevant units and track and monitor its implementation
  • Codify regulations and guidelines and agenda Related to duties of deputy To suggest to competent authorities for approval
  • Present necessary briefing reports to head of University about duties related to monitoring units
  • Offer qualified persons for enterprise management positions In the area of deputy to university president
  • Supervise dependent Units to obtain ensure the proper execution of their duties
  • Planning, regulate the activities and proposed annual budget accordance with the priorities University
  • Cooperation with other deputies To proper execution University programs
  • Perform other duties by head of university
Specific Duties
  • Manage and supervise implementation of all research and technology affairs,libraries and university of databases, In accordance with Related legislation, rules and regulations
  • Planning and policy development to promote and enhance scientific and international cooperation level
  • Prioritize to innovate in the field of theoretical and applied research requirements Country
  • Development, strengthening and guiding research projects approved with priority targeted applied research Vision-based development programs and holistic scientific map
  • Control and monitoring of processes Research According to calendar specified in the plan approved research projects
  • Necessary studies on evaluation of research activities and annual performance evaluation research to be presented to head of university
  • Necessary communicate with internal and external agencies in order to collaborate in the affairs research and exchange of scientific services
  • Cooperation in providing Scientific services, cultural and social and holding seminars and academic conferences and execute for all affairs contracts research, and service between university and other institutions
  • Cooperation in the implementation of research short term courses for non-university
  • Planning to use Faculty of opportunities studied Inside and outside the country (both religious and academic research centers) against the criteria approved
  • University Research prepare plans and provide goals and research priorities in the medium and long term plans support the establishment of development centers, entrepreneurship, and science and technology parks, for plan community council research university and so

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