Tuesday, July 7, 2020
About University

The University of Zabol was founded in 1999. It offers 110 study programs in 8 faculties and 3 research centers. More than 380 academic instructors provide educational services to more than 10,000 Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. students.
The new (new Pardis) and old site of the university, Research Farm of Sistan Dam and Chah-Nimeh area are set on 135, 3.5, 104 and 8000 hectares of landscaped campuses respectively. The university is equipped with advanced laboratories and a computer center that is unique among other universities of the country. There are advanced sport facilities, teaching buildings and banks and they make this university, one of the most important higher education centers of the southeast of Iran.
Much credit for the increasing number of students and study programs, and the construction processes in New Pardis must go to the credit of the kind attention of the Islamic Republic of Iran authorities. Since 2008, undergoing a tremendous period of expansion, the University has opened new student dormitories, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Architecture, university mosque, university dining room, Shahid Hosseini-Tababaei sports center, pool, Faculty of Agriculture, laboratories and the Iranian Ancient gymnasium center.


Office Automation
Educational Calender
Pooya Comprehensive System
Food Automation
Phone Book
Golestan Comprehensive System
Contact Information
Postal Address: University of zabol- Zabol- Sistan and balouchestan- Iran
Postcode: 538-98615
E-mail: info@uoz.ac.ir

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