Monday, September 28, 2020
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نمایشگاه هفته پژوهش سال 98
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نمایشگاه هفته پژوهش سال 98
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نمایشگاه هفته پژوهش سال 98
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تولید نهال زیتون
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استحصال روغن زیتون
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کشت چای ترش
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بسته بندی چای ترش
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کشت زعفران

In this area of university, All affairs related to research and technology activities in the form of various departments based on defined policies is done.

General Duties
  • Conveying all legislations, rules and codified regulations by Head of the University to relevant units, and tracking and monitor their implementation
  • Codify regulations and guidelines and agenda related to duties of deputy to suggest to relevant authorities for approval
  • Present necessary briefing reports to Head of University about duties related to monitoring units
  • Offer qualified persons for enterprise management positions in the area of deputy to University President
  • Supervise dependent units to ensure the proper execution of their duties
  • Planning, regulate the activities and proposed annual budget in accordance with the priorities of the University
  • Cooperation with other deputies to ensure proper execution of University programs
  • Perform other duties for Head of University

دانشگاه زابل

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